Rapid Acquisition Facilitation Tool (R.A.F.T.)

Advanced technologies have the ability to transform the Federal procurement process by making the associated data more available, transparent, immediate and secure, while also greatly reducing administrative costs and process inefficiencies.

The Current Federal Contracting environment is made up of a set of comprehensive regulatory rules which is supported by a host of procurement and resource management database(s) which are not correlated nor provide analytics for real time acquisition decision making.

Audit Trail

Enhanced ability to trace progress at any point of the acquisition lifecycle

Digital Signatures

Only trusted parties can record transactions onto the ledger

Process Automation

Workflows are visible to the entire team, with ability to assign and mark tasks complete

Single Source of Truth

Transactions and supporting documents are securely stored in a single source of truth

An Agile Acquisition Enterprise Solution

Automate requirement process flow

Automate planning & market research

Award contracts

Integrate request for proposals

Receive proposals

Evaluate proposals

Solution Highlights -
Intelligent Assistants

R.A.F.T. is integrated with an advanced AI Assistant, which trains itself to improve performance and service. Contextual understanding provides richer, more conversational interactions enabling the ability to rapidly evaluate and award contracts.

See How It Works:

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